Hey, Everyone!

I'm Sonia Nezvetaeva.
I'm 35 yo, I'm a designer and an illustrator from Moscow, Russia (from Omsk, Siberia originally).


So, formals are done. Let me tell you a story! ↓↓↓

Sonia Nezvetaeva, Artist's diary
The note on t-shirt: Art is my way of surviving and without it I would be lost. The t-shirt by Kate Babenko

One fine day I held a little sea turtle in my hands, which had smelled the Ocean and rushed to it with all it's might. When I put it on the sand, it ran into water as quick as it could. And 1 minute later next wave took it in the water.

I looked to it and thought what a sea turtle swims all it's life. To find food, to go home. It isn’t a swimmer, a sportsmen or swimming instructor. It’s just a way the turtle lives and explores the World.

I grew up with one and only dream to be a fashion designer. However, on practice I realized that it is not exactly what I want to do. I started to try every single direction of design. I was a graphic designer and made advertisement, I made decorations for events, I made books and polygraphy, tried to return to fashion, made a big step to fabric and knitting design and so on. For a couple years I tried to do jewelry and home decor. For 18 years I have tried everything in design. And realized only one thing. I love to do something beautiful. I think I’m exactly like a sea turtle. Art is not my profession. It’s just my way to live.

I just draw all the time and wondering what is my new stop on the path.
If you interested too, please welcome to my blog. I have made some documentary of this adventure here. Hope, you'll enjoy it.


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Thank you!
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