Acrylic art experiments and some motivation

Art is always about something new. About new steps, new technics, new questions.

Art, acrylic paints, Sonia Nezvetaeva

I decided to step away from dotwork and took some acrylic paints and markers. And a little pink sponge.

So this is a time lapse video of my art experiments.

My friend Loopium who is author of the music in the video set up a new project with the talented Miss Divine. It's name is DIVINIUM. I wish the big luck and success!

"Time" is my fav composition. It's a hit!

This song makes me sad but powerful. Everytime I listen to it I think "What the hell I do and what I want and need to do instead?". And I want my art makes the same with all of you! This is my goal.

And what about you? Have you tried something new lately?

By the way, I have a little present for you!

I made for you a free wallpaper with the important question. Download it and do what you really want to do!

Free wallpaper by Sonia Nezvetaeva

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