Here and Now. Poppy illustration. Collaboration.

Hi, everyone!

Did you know that poppies only bloom one day?

This reminds me that sometimes all of us need to be in the moment, forgetting about the past and the future. Here and Now. This is the reason why I chose poppies for print on a sweatshirt with the supporting phrase "Here and Now".

"Here and Now" sweatshirt is part of Svetlana Jackson's project, which I help her to create.

Svetlana is a psychologist working with relationships between you, yourself and the world around you.


I really love her delicacy and sensitivity giving a calm. That's why I decided to join this project.


There is my 2nd drawing timelapse of poppies stippling illustration. About 6 hours in 4 minutes. Liners: 0,05 and 0,1.

I started to shoot my art working processes on my phone camera and make short video.
My new friend Loopium from Australia gives me his wonderful music you can hear in the video. (All his links below)

This hard times give me so many new people and possibilities to create together across the World (I'm from Russia, Loopium is from Australia, Svetlana is from USA).
This is amazing! I'm happy and so grateful!

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Music: LOOPIUM - Always

Thank you very much!

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