My results of 2019 and some plans to 2020. Bonus: A little present for you!

Sonia Nezvetaeva, artist blog

First of all, guys!

I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

Could you believe that it is 2020 almost here?

Anyway, guys, be happy every single day! Each of you is unique! Love yourself, support yourself!

 Thank you for being here!

So, let's start the blog post!

 (And don't forget about lillle surprize for you in the end!)

Sonia Nezvetaeva, artist blog

Did you summarize your 2019 already? Was it good, successful, and happy for you? It was long period for me. Not so mush for me as an illustrator, but a lot for my inner harmony. I turned 35 this year. Excuses don't work anymore...  So let's do this! This is my result list of 2019.


My 2019



Box of happiness

Our beautiful project with Svetlana Jackson, a Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based psychologist.  We made 3 illustrations for her "Box of happiness" project. One of them is here, on the bottle.

Sonia nezvetaeva, artist blog



Mugs, cups and stickers:

  My collaboration with "Umkina Berloga" (In English "Umka's Den"):

Sonia Nezvetaeva, artist blog

 I want to buy them (Tap!)

You could find and order them on:
or on their Instagram:

If you can not to find them on the shop, you can write to owners Martha and Irina on DM, they'll make them for you!




New posters:


Sonia Nezvetaeva, artist blog

You could buy them on Posterlounge (EU) and Society6 (US and Australia).
If you are from Russia and want to buy my posters, feel free to email me: nezvetaeva @





I made my portfolio on Behance (before it I took just like an inspirational place):




I was invited to the professional community like a REAL illustrator. It is like "a permission" what i look forward for so long in my turbulent mind. And now I have it. In a moment of doubt, I think about it and it helps. Thanks to Margarita Levina!



Art competitive

I participated in the Crisis of Media posters international competitive by Tam-Tam, Slovenian posters company. They sent me a certificate calling me an activist and it gave me many new thoughts about what I want to do with my art.



Art blocks

I came though 3 art blocks during this year. And now I'm in my 4th. But today I hope I know what is the reason. And I take some time to myself to try my new way of artist life.



Around the WORLD

Not about Art, but traveling:

  • Sri-Lanka (all of the South-West coast)
  • Belarus (from East to Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park by our car)
  • Lake Ladoga (all around along the coast by our car)





And a little bonus. My fav song of this year! Please, share your fav song(s) in the comment section!

(Soft) Plans to my 2020

  • 1. To try to draw conceptual art. Real art.
  • 2. To talk about what I worry about.
  • 3. To put my thoughts on this blog not on social media.
  • 4. To participate in 1 or 2 art competitive and art show.
  • 5. To find an opportunity to public my illustration on magazines.
  • 6. To improve my art skills and my English tooooo...
  • 5. To try streaming and podcasting.

Wish me luck!


 P.S.: I have a little present for you, guys!


My favorite illustration of 2019 is Peonies bouquet. So I did a coloring page. You can coloring it like you want. It will be as our co-art! I'll be glad to see your results and your view to this illustration! Tag me on social media!


You can download your copy here (The link is absolutely safe!).
Please, share the link to this post and my blog with your friends.

Happy New year! See you in 2020!



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