December 22, 2019

My results of 2019 and some plans to 2020. Bonus: A little present for you!

First of all, guys! 

I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

Could you believe that it is 2020 almost here?

Anyway, guys, be happy every single day! Each of you is unique! Love yourself, support yourself! 

 Thank you for being here!

So, let's start the blog post!

Sonia Nezvetaeva, artist blog

December 5, 2019


Hi, everyone! I invited for a little interview An Keegan (Anastasia Bakhchina), New York-based Russian illustrator

We'll talk about:

- how illustration work begins,
- how an illustrator and a book relate,
- how to keep your work-life balance,
- changing of art name,

and more. 

Artist interview, An Keegan, Sonia Nezvetaeva, artist blog
by An Keegan, pic from her instagram profile

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