Stop the cheap sensation

Sensation, Sonia Nezvetaeva, 2019


Stop the cheap sensation

One of my big goals for this year was to draw for a serious theme. For a long time I didn’t know how to make this big step from simple flowers sketches to meaningfull illustration. Then I realized that the best way is to take my own issue and share it through my art with others.

When I made this artwork, it was about my fragile balance of sober view to the World and constant anxiety.  I've taken all the things I hate in media and put it all together around the girl who was my avatar. And I've drawn a magnolia flower because I love to draw flowers and I always want them to say more. It was the 1st version.

A couple of weeks later or something like this I've found out about @tamtam_mestni_plakati and poster art competition "A Crisis of MEDIA". It is a Slovenian poster company. So I've decided to participate. With priceless help of Anastacia Kay @funastacia and her Slovenian friends I've remade this illustration to Slovenian and new print format and uploaded it to the site of competition. Several days ago @tamtam_mestni_plakati announced the winner of the competition. (You can see the best poster on their account here, it's really cool!). So I think now I can post all the versions of the illustration here :).

Sensation, Slovenian version, poster for Tam-tam poster competition A crisis of Media, Sonia Nezvetaeva, 2019
Thanks for free mock up to Dmitriy Markov

The winner's poster is opposite in meaning to mine. It tells about a responsibility of every reader who votes by his attention and clicking for quality of news. It is great point, isn't it? Do you think about this side of the problem of media morality?

There are several questions would help you to understand what I'm talking about.

Do you really understand that every post and news are the information?
Are you sure it was validated?
Do you know It always has a goal?
Are you sure that your knowledge are from trusted source? Does your source have proven sources?

I think it is good moment to be conscious users of all kinds of media. What do you think?

Sensation, Sonia Nezvetaeva, 2019

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