What is your inspiration?

What is my inspiration? How awkward I feel from this question! Like, what do you exactly mean by that? However, I have my own relationship with inspiration!

What is your inspiration, Sonia Nezvetaeva, Roses bouquet, sketch, 2019

What I mean when I say “My Inspiration” is time point when I can’t do but sitting and working. There are many places where It hides. Sometimes I find it, sometimes it catch me. It’s not exactly out of the blue or surprising. I really know how to lure my muse away! So, let me answer to the question



So trivial! But let me explain. Every man is about energy, power, thoughts, feelings, habits, smile, gaze, gestures. I love to find something beautiful in each person I meet. And collect all this things in my inner pool of inspirational moments. 

There is a special place for great people of the Past in my soul. Biographies is the most enriching reading ever. My favorites biographies are of Vladimir Posner, Astrid Lindgren, Diane Keaton and Joseph Brodsky so far. I mean, how can I seat not working when I know what a great results people could reach in their life?


So unexpected :) Often it is voice of singer, manner, way to tell about them self. Lyrical hero who was born in my mind by their words and notes and my personal experience. My day is not complete without LP 's whistling or Charlotte Gainsbourg' whisper. It's how my soul recharges. And something in my mind switches to making art.


Finally I can surprise you, can't I? When I grab my wide brush, dip it in a paint and make a one big motion on white paper. Or brush-markers! Or first few dots in the very beginning of a new artwork. What a fantastic feeling! I wish it could continue endlessly, please.


And last but not least, you already know, flowers. They are so beautiful, manifold, colorful, with appealing petals, soft burgeons. I will never ever get tired of looking at them and drawing them. That's why it's my main topic. And everything else I would add to my flowers like a ribbon in bouquet.

Is inspiration too general word or viсe versa too personal zone? Possibly. But I think it is always by your side. And if it is not, may be you and your muse just need take a day off and get some rest. Or may be is it art block?

What do you think, guys? What is your inspiration? 


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Thank you!

What is your inspiration, Sonia Nezvetaeva, Roses bouquet, sketch, 2019

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