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Meet my friend Oxana Semesyuk, an illustrator and a designer from St. Peterburg. Today we're talking about how to combine mom's job and desire to draw, where you can find some inspiration and what to do with long pause in your art.

artist interview, Oxana semesyuk, illustrator, Sonia-Nezvetaeva-blog

Hi, Oxana! I'm so excited to have you on board. The very first question is what is your inspiration for so beautiful and unique illustrations?

Hi, Sonia! Thank you for having me and your interest in my art. In order to make something valuable I need to listen to myself and to see how some emotion or experienced impression are reflected in me. The metamorphosis of  this. I'm attracted to complicated emotional and existential states. I see it as a special attractive aesthetic.

artist interview, Oxana semesyuk, illustrator, Sonia-Nezvetaeva-blog
Artist interviews: Oxana Semesyuk

You are a young mother. I can't even imagine how you find time to draw! Let's talk about your day, how do you build it?

I build my day very easy: I draw while my son is sleeping. In the later evening and night. I am not scared of perspective of having not enough sleep. Bc the Art makes me happy. I need that for my inner harmony. I also have a day off once a week (Saturday or Sunday). I go out to draw and think in a coffeshop or just walk around St Peterburg. My husband stays with our son during this time and that’s the time for me to recharge myself
artist interview, Oxana semesyuk, illustrator, Sonia-Nezvetaeva-blog
Artist interviews: Oxana Semesyuk

I really love your art! Those lines, those hands and faces! Jadore! How do you create so lovely pictures?

Thank you, Sonia! Actually, whatever people say, but for me it is really important that at least one person likes my artworks. It gives me the strength to carry on. My favorite things to draw are hands and human's body, its shapes and motions are so beautiful. It's an endless source of inspiration for me. The lineart technique is the best way to express what exactlly I like there. This lightness and curves. Jador lines, it's my universal language. They give me power to express all my unconscious in aesthetical graphical form. For work I need black ink , black coffee and quietness.

We have been participating in the Inktober for 2 years already. What do you think about this and another art challenges? How do you evaluate this projects in your art life?

Oh, Inktober is a pleasure for me. I'm really glad you have told me about this art challenge! Maybe I am not self organized enough. But when you realize what a huge amount of artists all over the world are drawing all together with you every singl day, you catch up an excitement. So much beauty had been created by the inktober's participants. It's incredible inspiration!

Actually, I had a long break from drawing. It happened because of our moving to the other city and the birth of the child. But pretty soon I realized how I've hungered for drawing. In the same time I found out about Inktober! And of course I totally decided to participate in it! I knew if you want to begin again with drawing you absolutely need to draw every day! Because hands like a body need to be trained on a regular basis. Practice makes perfect, and one day you get the skill level high enough to make you and other people happy with it. Thanks for Inktober I got it back!

Oh, yeah! I'm so agree with you here! Could you please tell me about your collaboration with musicians?

Yes! We have been cooperating with Whirling Wolf record company. I have made a logo and
music album covers design series. I have been listening to music and tried to transfer its mood and meaning in illustration. This is an excellent example when vision of the artist and the customer is completely matching. In this case it’s a real pleasure to work. I wish I have more projects like this!

artist interview, Oxana semesyuk, illustrator, Sonia-Nezvetaeva-blog
Artist interviews: Oxana Semesyuk

What a great experience! What's your fav illustrator now?

There are so many tallented artists in the World , actually. And it's great.  From the top of my head I can name Buckley ( I love these absolute harmony of spots and lines and colors. And Nastya Kuzmina ( and her aesthetic of dark in perfect expression. I can look at her artworks forever. Speaking about great artists, I love inspiring graphic art of Egon Schiele, stylization of Modigliani and symbolism of Rene Magritte.

What are your plans for the future?

I gonna be working a lot and will be improving my art, to draw even more and to travell around the World. I wish I could be a tattoo artist, but it is not about plans, It is about crazy dreams :)

I wish you all your dreams come true! 

artist interview, Oxana semesyuk, illustrator, Sonia-Nezvetaeva-blog
Artist interviews: Oxana Semesyuk

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