How to Accept Yourself?

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Few days ago I have received pics on my email. I was so frustrated by the result. I looked at my photos and it was a one big fail. I looked older, smaller, I was looking om myself at those pics and didn't like me at all.

Sonia Nezvetaeva Artist's blog

Almost a month  ago I decided to make a photo session. It was a logical step to improve my blog and instagram page. All my friends and followers ask me to show more me as author of art works. "I want to see who is behind the scene". So. Ok.

It was my birthday week and I propose my friends Olga and Helen to celebrate it by making photos of us. At the same time my favorite photographer Yana Bulgakova asked "Who want to buy my session?" on instagram story. It was like a big luck! And we made it! It was so exited to have this opportunity!

So the photos was on my inbox now. And I was really disappointed.

Sonia Nezvetaeva Artist's blog

In hour after the email I suddenly recognize that I look at my self not at pictures. I saw my wrinkles, dark circles under my eyes, not neat hairs. But what about pictures? I opened Yana's instagram page and began to look through it from one photo to another trying to catch what exactly I love in it. And I did it. I found this thing. People on her photos was like a heroes of old movies. Yana makes photos on film only. She looks at her models like a film director. All of them have a story, long story with misfortunes and making mistakes, with fails and wins, with gifts and losses. It is her magic.
So, I got it. I opened the folder with my pics again. And the magic was here! They were full of these little things, all my shortcomings became a part of my own story. Story of a girl who had not perfect but her own path to this point. And now she is at the beginning of new step.
And all the things I didn't like at the first time I like now more then others. 

So here I am. Sonia Nezvetaeva, 34, a girl from Russia, who is at the beginning of her way to be who she is. Who I am. 

To accept yourself is a job for the your entire life.

Sonia Nezvetaeva Artist's blog

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