November 13, 2018

My new goals as an illustrator and as a person

Sonia Nezvetaeva, illustrator

In a week it will be my birthday. I'll turn to 34.
So my revision of personal values is right here.

This year wasn't about drawing really. It was about my mind health. I had a successful therapy. I won my endless anxiety and panic attacks, that has been breaking my life for the 8 years, since I was 25. It is really long sad story with the happy end.

My second big achievement of the year is English. I have been learning English since I was 12. But I wasn’t sure in my skills at all. I couldn't fluently write and speak. I could only read. I have read several books, a lot of blog posts, I have listened a lot of podcasts and have saw thousands of videos, online courses. Buuut... You know, what I mean. The language barrier.
Maybe my therapy helped me, or maybe quantity turned into quality. I don't really know. But I'm here and I'm writing you in English. Not perfect enough yet (yes, sorry) but English. (And super big thanks to my Ann for helping and fixing and improving my texts)

And sure, I want to talk about my art too. It is really the most important part of who I am. So long I didn't draw. And Now I returned it into my life. And I'm very thankfull to my brain, my eyes and arms for keeping that skill for so long. I know all the reasons why I didn't draw and the one reason to go back to drawing. I love it so much. Without It I don't exist.

So now I have more plans to my creativity. The main focus is illustrating. I take several courses of illustrating. I research old masters works. I learn the History of art. I want to make my next step in this direction.  I already have a printshop on posterlounge. And I want to make posters with more focusing on art point not text.

About my blog and social media. I want to do something matherial not only digital. Want to have more conversations, more fitback from my customers and followers. Want to create a community to be part of. To help each other. To give and have support in hardest moments. To give pieces of advice about supplies, devices, apps, sites and platforms, tecniques, lessons, copyright and so on. To share my and your art, that is the most important reason. To show who we are. 

Let's do it and let's celebrate!
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