My 1st inktober week results


Inktober is here 8 days already.
And I understand, what is the main challenge of this challenge! It is accepting of your fails.

So lets talk about it.

The entire month of inktober you need to draw and post pics every single day. That means that you must share not only your best pics, but all of your works including with bad ones. Bc your life is continue. You need to do much more things than only drawing for challenge.

Several pics of inktober will be the best, but the most of them will be comsi comsa or not good at all. But you will post it anyway.

And it is a part of challege.
Last year I drew every single day in dotwork (new art technique for me). I was very involved and almost like a maniac. I had very successful art month, but almost all what I did was only for inktober.

This year I will go to my mom on the vacation for two weeks. Plus I have a lot more work now than a year ago. So. I really have a very little time to draw for inktober. But I want to participate. It gives me big motivation for the whole year.
It means I will do my best, but best to that particular day in that particular condition and those limits of energy.

So there are my 1st inktober week results. And I'm ok with it.
How is your inktober?







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