The Chrysanthemum named Alien and new motivation poster

Chrysanthemum, motivation poste, Sonia Nezvetaeva

The story of this Chrysanthemum is a bit funny.

I decided to draw a chrysanthemum scketch to my mom. She really loves those flowers a lot. I've recearch all the Internet for references for my project. And found beautiful photos on @bahramjiphotography's instagram (please, swipe the gallery on link). I was so impressed and started to draw immediatly.
I was drawing it with all my heart, but in graphic my chrysanthemum was a little creepy, you know. It wasn't like a sweet nice cute flower for my dear mommy :) 

I decided to find another reference and remade mom's sketch. But I'm still in love with this pic. Do you see the eye of space? I call him Alien! (Is it ok to give names to sketches? :))

And I made a new poster with my mysterious blossom. Do you like it like I do? (so immodesty!) 

Do you want to see my second chrysanthemum sketch for my mom?

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