6 reasons to participate in Inktober 2018

Sonia Nezvetaeva, illustrator, sketcher, dotwork, pointellism

I have been already written how inktober influenced for my artist style. The next October and Inktober 2018 will come soon. Lets think of the reasons to do it again!

#inktober is the cult drawing flash mob made by Jake Parker, american comics illustrator, in 2009. Every year artists from all over the World partisipate in Inktober and share theirs works on social media. Every time Jake makes the official prompt list. And everybody can draw something he'd like with the only (not a strict) condition to use only ink.

Sonia Nezvetaeva, illustrator, Inktober, hydranges, sketch, dotwork

6 reasons to participate in Inktober 2018.


31 days of continuous practice help you to improve your art skills. Practice makes perfect.


You will have a big support from the inktober community. If you share your art works on social media, you will received feedback, likes and comments from other participaters. Please, convert it in your drawing energy!


You will meet with another artist from all over the world.  You could find your mind-people and built new relaitionship.


You'll see how another artists decide commons themes on theirs works. It will help you to be more creative and brave in your work.


You will create 31 (or a bit less or more) art works, that will give you a number of material to work with for a year. You could create art prints, designs for printshops, stocks or your own brand.


The main reason is that you are a little part of big action. The whole world is drawing all together for a month. That is crazy motivation, isn't it?

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