5 ways to integrate inktober in your art

26 September 2018

Sonia Nezvetaeva, sketcher, illustrator, dotwork, pointellism

"Sonia, I don't like official prompt list at all. I work on my own theme. How will my folowers react to this topics on my feed?". Ok, Let's think about this side of art challenges.

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Think about your own theme through the lens of the official prompt list

This is creative possibility to make your look on art richer.

For example, my own art topic is flowers. And official prompt list is all about adjectives. So, there are some examples:
poisonous + flower (such a big choice), tranquil + flower (valerian?), roasted + flower (so, nettle is ok), and so on.

Write your own prompt list

Last year I wrote the list of flowers I wanted to draw. And I drew my flowers one by one for inktober 2017. Or you can join to someones prompt list fitting your art topic (easy to find on Pinterest or Instagram, input "inktober prompt list").

Risk and try new!

You can make your own little challenge: defy yourself and try new topics, new materials or new stilisation on your works. It's a good reason to try it because it is inktober, The whole World is on your side!

Form a band!
You can connect with other artists (and your friends and folowers) and make joint action, friendly competitions and give a present to each other in the end.  And all are in, nobody worries about your usual topic. You all are in this adventure.

Add a narrative

Actually, It's my plan on inktober2018. I've been drawing flowers and only flowers for 2 years already. And I want to grow up on some direction. I want to move from simple sketches to illustrations, you know. I decided to add a little story in my pics. So, I invite you to join me on this way. I'll post my pics on my instagram profile.

I have prepared the pinterest desk to Inktober2018
Please, recommend me your favorite inktober pics, I'd love to pin it too.

Official Jake Parker's page:
The Inktober project:
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8 strategies to inktober 2018 for artists with time troubles

19 September 2018

Sonia Nezvetaeva, Sketcher, Illustrator, dotwork, pointellism

After the post about reasons to participate in Inktober 2018, I have received a lot of masages like "Sonia, I have no time to draw every day" or "Are you crazy to spend all you days by drawing?" So, to be honest, I am :) Buuut I have some lifehacks for you, guys!

If you have no time to draw, inktber 2018, Sonia Nezvetaeva, lotus, dotwork, pointellism

8 strategies to inktober 2018 for artists with time troubles

One step at a time

You can do one big art work (A4 or A3) for the whole month.
It may be comics, or a map, or a story, or a pattern with different elements (for every theme from the list or without following the list or following your own one) . 

Better to draw something than nothing

You can come up with an idea of your own little art challenge. 15 min sketch a day.  A little, 1,5-2 inch size.  You can do even 1-2-min sketches. You have 31 tries to catch the moment!

 Minimum of means at most effect

For example, you can use just contour with no filling, or only main forms with no details.

Make your own font

You can do only one letter or number with art element per day.

A calendar

You can fill you month calendar blocks with tiny pics about your life occasions. In the end of the month you'll have a beatiful logs-page of your October 2018.
 Go with the flow

You can try zen-art or doodling for every day relaxing practice. On 31st October you'll be a very calm person :) 

Shadow theatre
You can do a silhouette of something you'd like to draw. If you chose the story or legend or fairy tales, on 31st October you will heve a whole company of heroes.


Spots, drops, smudges. Monotype, toothbrushs, led the ink. You can let your arms to lead your mind and find any meanings in abstract spots.

In any case, have fun! Inktober is for you, it is not a big deal to participate or not. But you can draw day by day, or every second day, or even just only one day. It is ok, it is better than nothing, you know!

6 reasons to participate in Inktober 2018

12 September 2018

Sonia Nezvetaeva, illustrator, sketcher, dotwork, pointellism

I have been already written how inktober influenced for my artist style. The next October and Inktober 2018 will come soon. Lets think of the reasons to do it again!

#inktober is the cult drawing flash mob made by Jake Parker, american comics illustrator, in 2009. Every year artists from all over the World partisipate in Inktober and share theirs works on social media. Every time Jake makes the official prompt list. And everybody can draw something he'd like with the only (not a strict) condition to use only ink.

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6 reasons to participate in Inktober 2018.


31 days of continuous practice help you to improve your art skills. Practice makes perfect.


You will have a big support from the inktober community. If you share your art works on social media, you will received feedback, likes and comments from other participaters. Please, convert it in your drawing energy!


You will meet with another artist from all over the world.  You could find your mind-people and built new relaitionship.


You'll see how another artists decide commons themes on theirs works. It will help you to be more creative and brave in your work.


You will create 31 (or a bit less or more) art works, that will give you a number of material to work with for a year. You could create art prints, designs for printshops, stocks or your own brand.


The main reason is that you are a little part of big action. The whole world is drawing all together for a month. That is crazy motivation, isn't it?

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The Chrysanthemum named Alien and new motivation poster

05 September 2018

Chrysanthemum, motivation poste, Sonia Nezvetaeva

The story of this Chrysanthemum is a bit funny.

I decided to draw a chrysanthemum scketch to my mom. She really loves those flowers a lot. I've recearch all the Internet for references for my project. And found beautiful photos on @bahramjiphotography's instagram (please, swipe the gallery on link). I was so impressed and started to draw immediatly.
I was drawing it with all my heart, but in graphic my chrysanthemum was a little creepy, you know. It wasn't like a sweet nice cute flower for my dear mommy :) 

I decided to find another reference and remade mom's sketch. But I'm still in love with this pic. Do you see the eye of space? I call him Alien! (Is it ok to give names to sketches? :))

And I made a new poster with my mysterious blossom. Do you like it like I do? (so immodesty!) 

Do you want to see my second chrysanthemum sketch for my mom?

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