Recharge Your Heart

Today I went home. I was on the vocation with my husband for 2 weeks. We were on Black sea side in Bulgaria.
I took a sketchbook and several markers, but as usual I didn't draw at all. In journey I usually collect material. I make photos of flowers , I think a lot about my plans. I write a lot of texts and thoughts. I refill my inner source of power.

Also I write letters to my friends and partners. I refresh my links with people I love. I dive in memories, old photography, past experiences and pics. Just to be sure that I am on the right path. That the plan I built in the past was complete. That the way I chosen still the one that I need to arrive on the right place in time. Just check it out.

It's always like a writer's retreat. I collect all the ideas that come to my mind. I make many lists of things I want to do than I came home. In the end of the journey I want to return to my job as quickly as possible and start a new chapter in my life. 

How are you?

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