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Hi, guys! How are you doing?

I have big news to share with you!
But first coffee and story :).

Few months ago I thought about what's the next step.

I had been drawing for 2 years by then (for many more years actually, but we'll talk about it next time). I finished my second sketchbook, had about 100 markers in my art supplies. I have made 2 projects for customers with my illustrations. I felt confident in my direction, skills, lines and dots.

Well, I have started the research of any new life forms for my pictures. Thanks to my friend Anna I decided to write some letters to international agencies and print shops asking to present my art. And I received the first offer. Because of problems with copyrights (read my very first post, please) I had to reject it.

But I learned my lesson and did several new sketches with my own and free references. Also I wrote to all the authors of photos that I used for my pics like references and ask if I could sell those sketches. Almost all of them agreed. And 3 weeks ago I rewrote all the letters again. And they confirmed the offer again.

Then I uploaded the first pic with a rose and had note from they support, what it isn't good quality and I need to remake it. Also they sent me the list of my pics from my Instagram profile which they want to have on theirs site. I was very impressed by their attitude towards me and my work. They did not block my account, they gave me a second try and helped to understand what would be good for my shop. It was really helpful.

Mandy from support team really made me rethink my own art in new direction. I made a research of motivated quotes and didn't find smth really good. And I wrote my own thoughts. In English. With all my heart. I found a place to scan my sketches with a good resolution.  I made calligraphy. And made my first design for a poster and they approved it. And it was like a real new step that I want. So, guys!

This is my poster shop on Welcome!

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