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Sonia-Nezvetaeva, Markers, Copic, flowergraphic, dotwork, Anemone, sketch, illustration

Today my husband said to me:
There's nothing wrong in being ordinary. 
There's nothing wrong in not being great, in not being known by millions, in not getting millions.
And at the same time (goodwill only) there's nothing reprehensible in being a man you want to be.

What a clever guy, right? It's easy to say. What about public pressure? How about your mother-father-fathers-friend-mothers-friend-uncle-joe's expecting about your future/family /job/career/salary/children's names? What about that tall smart handsome guy with estimating gaze from a cafe just around the corner? What about your favorite teacher that always said about your amazing life perspectives? How about your strict inner voice whispering "You are loser! Nobody loves you."

And guess what did my husband answer to all of these questions? "Not to care a dime!". Can you imagine my face at the moment? What do you mean not to care? It's my mom, actually.

I was always a girl "with the Future", a girl that can do everything, who has all the perspectives in the world. But I got sick, then I got married, and than I became a housewife. The game looked over. And all my friends, my family, my parents were frustrated about my career. What's up, little girl?

My husband asked: "Why do you think about people's expectations from you? Why do you want to be someone but not youself? Who did you say that a big-boss-man is happier than you? And why do you believe everyone but not yourself? You are not a dollar bill, you cann't please every person in the world. You must not. Your life your rules. Your full-time job is just to be happy".

Ururu, thats why I love him!

I asked him, what did he want to be when he was a kid? And he said, that he always wanted to be nobody but himself. Lucky man, isn't he? And he is so f*cking right. Because he is completely happy with his life, job, career and... even me and all the problems in my head. Whoever said anything.

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