Am I a pointillist?

Sonia nezvetaeva, marker sketch, flower illustration, Petunia, Violet, Copic, Sketchmarkers, Promarker

Hi, everyone!
Welcome to my blog again!

What about dots? Why am I using dotwork in my sketches?
In 2017 I was drawing for Inktober the world flash mob. I really prepared to draw with ink (I Love colours , by the way). I made 31 points list of themes to draw and posted it in my instagram. There was nothing to fall back on. So Inktober has been started.

Before that I was focusing on the picture itself, just so it looks good, rather than some particular style of drawing.

Sonia nezvetaeva, marker sketch, flower illustration, chrysanthemum, Copic, Sketchmarkers, Promarker

But Inktober is about black and white. I was confused in the beginning. I was like, HOW should it be??
It was an experiment and research. And in those days some tatu artist followed me on instagram. He is using dotwork technique. And his work is amasing! It was a first part of my aha-moment.
So I've started the research of this technique on pinterest and behance. I found a lot of insane works of crazy artists (How many hours you spend on dots??))) and realised what does it mean! POINTILLISM! It was the 2nd aha-moment! Wow-moment! Crazy moment!

Ok. Of course, I studed Art History before. I have long known about Paul Signac and Georges Seurat. But i didn't think about this technique in terms of my own art style.

So I tried dots. It was the 3rd theme in the inktober, Cotton-flower.

Sonia nezvetaeva, marker sketch, flower illustration, cotton flower, Inktober, dotwork, ink illustration

And it continued in next and next sketches for all the month.

Sonia nezvetaeva, marker sketch, flower illustration, Hydrangea, Monstera, , ink, dotwork, pointillism

I loved the results, but my hand suffered and was in pain. I tried to stop with dots, but could't help myself. I fell in love with dots.

Sonia nezvetaeva, marker sketch, flower illustration, Iris, Violet, Copic, Sketchmarkers, Promarker

So Inktober was over. And i returned to colours. And I realized that thick marker body is more confortable for hours and hours of making dots than pen. It was the 3rd part of aha-moment. The pazzle has been completed. 

So I'm Nezvetaeva and i'm a pointillist.

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