My Etsy shop of printable illustartion and motivation posters

23 March 2020

Hi, everyone!

Hope, you are well!

My Etsy shop of printable illustartion and motivation posters

I decided to restart my online shop on Etsy.
You can buy all my posters as digital print files and download them instantly.

If you have a nice print center near your home or office or a good printer, you can buy my poster as printable files on my Etsy shop and print it on you favorite paper in size you need for.

Anyway, I really love my posterlounge page, but I know that it is not possible for everyone to order from there. So you can order the posters on Amazon  (or just put "Sonia Nezvetaeva" in search line), Posterlounge sells posters there too.

My Etsy shop of printable illustartion and motivation posters, Sonia Nezvetaeva

Also I want to share with you my new posters with orchids and an anemone.

Our power source is joy

19 March 2020

Hello, my dears!

It's a hard time for all of us. There is a lot of terrible things in the worlg now. And all we can do so far is to wait while all the doctors are doing their hard work and saving as much people as they can.

Our power source is joy, Blog, Sonia Nezvetaeva
You can buy my posters here  (premium print quality) and here (digital)
The qarantine and selfisolation are our only way to help them and each other.

Same time a lot of people can't to stay at home becouse they are working in life support systems like food production, electrisity and water provision, building maintenance services and ect. And the qarantine ans selfisolation are our only way to save their healthy and lifes.

Recently I had a dispute with the girl in comments on instagram. She wrote that nobody cares how somebody looks like, what they wear or do they their nails or not. Because evrybody's scared and sad. When I read her word, I recognized the thing, which I want to share with you, guys.  

Our power source is joy

I thought the same all my life before this conversation. That feel joy is something wrong while a war. That we have no right to be joyful in times of plague. But now I know, we have it. We can and even must it.

We are all worried about the terrible events in the world. We can not choose what happened in the world, unfortunatly. But we all still have a choice to lose heart or to withstand and not give up.

When we choose to be strong, be resistful, we receive the power. To do our work and to support each other. Making our daily beauty routine, wearing beautiful dresses, keeping our homes and our mind clean and joy (may be even more joyful than usual) and smiling, we give a power to people around us. Instead of being bleak and sad, whining and pulling strength from others. We save our common level of energy to good, useful and important actions and deals.

We don't help anyone with our sad faces. But if we have energy to help somebody just even with a couple kind words or smile, everybody will feel better. You and they. Because when we are helping other peple you refill and relief your soul and heart.

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I think, It is the reason why women were making up their lips and eyes in times of war, and soldiers were singing a lot of songs. Because it gives energy to fight.

Everything's gonna be allright, guys! Stay strong (at home if it's possible), be healthy and stay safe!

My results of 2019 and some plans to 2020. Bonus: A little present for you!

22 December 2019

Sonia Nezvetaeva, artist blog

First of all, guys!

I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

Could you believe that it is 2020 almost here?

Anyway, guys, be happy every single day! Each of you is unique! Love yourself, support yourself!

 Thank you for being here!

So, let's start the blog post!

 (And don't forget about lillle surprize for you in the end!)


05 December 2019

Hi, everyone! I invited for a little interview An Keegan (Anastasia Bakhchina), New York-based Russian illustrator

We'll talk about:

- how illustration work begins,
- how an illustrator and a book relate,
- how to keep your work-life balance,
- changing of art name,

and more. 

Artist interview, An Keegan, Sonia Nezvetaeva, artist blog
Anastacia Keegan, photo from her instagram profile

Inktober 2019: Time of preparing. Some simple instructions.

05 September 2019

Lotus, Poster, Inktober, Sonia Nezvetaeva, art blog

Mr. Jake Parker has pablished the official prompts list for inktober 2019. So it's time to prepare yourself and your art supplies and to refresh some hacks. There are my posts about reasons, tips and benefits of inktober.

And my sketches from last inktobers:

Lotus, Inktober, Sonia Nezvetaeva, art blog

You can buy my posters with illustrations from last inktobers:

Lotus, Inktober, Sonia Nezvetaeva, art blog

Lotus, Aster, Fern, Inktober, Sonia Nezvetaeva, art blog

Also you could be interested:

Do you want to participate in Inktober this year? What goals do you want to achieve? Are you ready? Are you excited to be a part of the biggest world art challenge?

Inktober, Art tips, Sonia Nezvetaeva, art blog

Inktober, Art tips, Sonia Nezvetaeva, art blog
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